E for engagement. Sketched 4 table set-ups. the chosen one? Number 1 she said and i agreed. it's an 'L' size candy+dessert buffet:

- 1 big jar: sorini italian made huge chunky chocolate (pink) -1.5kg
- 2 medium jars: chewy candy tablet (pink +white) - 1kg
- 2 medium jars : yogurt sticks (pink +white) - 0.8kg
- 2 small bowls: marshmallows (pink + white) - 0.8kg
- 2 trays: roses cupcakes (pink + white) -60pcs
- 1 tray: macarons (pink) - 20pcs
- deco: fresh flowers + candles

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want something like the above? or need quotation? mail us. theweddingheaven@yahoo.com

a mini tips: if you wed at any hotels, you no longer need to hunt for favors. hotel will provide favors for guests; be it cake or praline chocolate. and some guests choose to just leave the favors behind. with the candy buffet, those who want to bring back something can scoop the candies and take-away, vice versa.


imported! you can have a look at the lollipops at you nearest famous amos counter/store, the lollipops selling at RM3.90...50gm, the medium size... not the huge ones.
same supplier, we sell with wayyyyyyyy cheaper price.

minimum order 100pcs

100 to 199pcs = RM3.50
200-499pcs = RM3.30
500pcs above = RM3.00

*price does not include ribbon and peronalized tag. add on:--
30cents for personalized tag or
30 cents for ribbon (theme color)
50 cents for both personalized tag and ribbon for each lollys!

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*** the pink lollipop on your left is our best seller.
it's so adorable with embossed 3 little words ' I LOVE YOU'


JV with fad the card-maker with creative fingers...
we'll be doing this for nurul's engagement:--

presenting, the lace handmade card.
thanks fad!


lovely co-owner is getting engaged.
and for her special day, we will be doing it all, together.
deco for the trays, dais, candy buffet,flower arrangements; outdorr and indoor, eveything.
and for your information, it'll be our very first time doing dais deco, wish us the best.
will definitely share the outcome.


candy buffet orders piling up. thank you people!
we no longer accept march and april bookings. so so sorry.
but anyway, thanks for all the kind support!