The square glass jar

ideas: candies, cookies, chocolates--- and deco the jars with stickers, custom tags, ribbons.


square shape glass jar, with round metal cap.

at only RM1.60 for less than 1000pcs

or RM1.50 for more than 1000pcs

better than buying box, aint it?

just put a ribbon + custom tag. wallah!


hello everyone!

we're now offering our TWH signature choc chip cookies as giveways to ur guests.

who can resist food aint it? what more chocolate chip cookies...!

at least u're sure they won't throw away the favours as that always happen when u give items they're not so keen of.

so, why wait!? get em now! :)


13-20pcs in a jar

(depending on cookies size, homemade y'all)

1-50jars = RM6 each

55-100jars= RM5 each

101-300jars= RM4.50 each

301-400jars = RM3.50 each

401-500jars = RM3 each

501jars and above = RM2.80 ONLY!

(price including basic ribbon. add 30cents each for custom tags)

place your order at least one month before event date

thank you


i love baking eversince.

won't elaborate further, but to serve you with a few current photos and projects.



RM3 each

macarons in the making

i love the art of putting the batter on the tray

look at my macarons feet

TWH french macarons
crispy outside-chewy inside
choose any colour
best-selling filling: choc ganache
RM3 each
(30pcs minimum)

RM10 per jar

in the making..

crispiest homemade choc chip cookies in Malaysia?

try it!

own definition of perfect texture n taste (front)


my definition of perfect taste & texture for choc chip cookies (back)

packaging--- in a 500ml jar

only RM10 per jar

for a PREMIUM QUALITY choc chip cookies

own consumption? gifts? party favors?

festive seasons? anytime.

RM12 per jar

the crispiest ever smarties cookies. get 'em now!


Questions TWH received via mails:

1) What is the minimum price for candy buffet?
- Minimum is RM600 (M size)

2) What is M size candy buffet?
- For your information, TWH offers 3 sizes of candy buffet---- M, L & XL. And M size is the basic candy buffet, usually used as display, center for photography, and attraction purposes since it can only cater 100-150pax.

3) What will i get?
M size candy buffet:
- 1kg chocolates
- 1kg marshmallows
- 800g love letters OR cookies
- 800g gummies
- 800g candies
- 2 trays of choc bites (ala-popcakes; but in papercups)
- 1 tray of cupcakes

4) Can i customize?
Yerp. but with additional charge depends on requirements. Macarons are not included in the package, we serve at additional fee= RM70 per tray.

5) Do you provide everything for the candy buffet?
Jars, trays, table spread, ribbons and labels (themed), basic flower arrangement. EXCEPT table.

6) What kind of flower arrangement TWH provides?
in the package, basic artificial flower deco. basic fresh flowers deco is RM50nett. and extra fresh flwoers deco is RM100nett.

7) Transportation charges?
Anywhere in pj/damansara/ttdi RM50nett. any other within Klang Valley RM100nett. the charges include not only transporation but considering handling and hardship too.

8) When should i place my booking?
At least ONE month before event date.

9) Will u be doing the candy buffet yourself or TWH sub to other vendors?
Myself. However, we will need to get some items from other vendors if 1) late booking 2) bulk order. But i promise, setting up will always be yours truly.

10) Payment mode?
Full payment 7days before event.

Thank you

For further inquiries please e-mail:


TWH offers:
- Candy buffet: price starts at RM600
- Macarons: price starts at RM90
- Favors: price starts at RM2.50
- Mini pelamin: price starts at RM2k
- Hantaran deco: price starts at RM100 each
- Handbouquet: price starts at RM100 each
- Wedding cake: price starts at RM600
- Hantaran cake: price starts at RM200

Flower arrangement:
- Centerpiece deco: price starts at RM20 each table
- VIP table deco: price starts at RM100 each table
- High table deco: price starts at RM500
- Entrance deco: price starts at RM500
- Registration table deco: price starts at RM200

- Emcee: fee starts at RM500 to RM800
- RSVP Coordinator: fee starts at RM500 to RM1000
- Final checklist scheduler: fee starts at RM200 to RM500
- Rehearsals Coordinator: fee starts at RM500 to RM800
- Floor Manager (event date): fee starts at RM500 to RM800

Shall you wish to let TWH plan your big day, mail TWH at:


rezeki yang Allah bagi.
apapun, TWH minta maaf kalau ada email yang lambat reply dsb.
TWH bukan sahaja terpaksa memenuhi pemintaaan candy buffet.
malah untuk macarons and cookies juga.
plus, i'm working in the media industry which i deal with deadlines too. *phewww*

TWH is setting up wedding planning as part of our service.
Since i'm doing this all alone for 2 years, it's time for TWH to start giving trust to some talented vendors. yerp!
TWH will sub a few potential vendors untuk event yang besar.
but i guarantee vendor yang di sub memenuhi piawaian TWH.
shall you undesrtand, i can't be baking more than 1000 macarons alone.
i can't do wedding cake every weekend.
i can't afford to do packaging for 2000 favors every weekend.
but i promise, i will forever do the candy buffet MYSELF.

same goes to flower arrangement.
TWH has been working with a few talented creative fingers to make it happen.
the bigger the event, the more florists will help do :)
fundamental is, TWH design and determine how the flower arrangement will be.

Don't worry, afterall... TWH will be the main designer for each item ordered.
TWH lovesss baking cakes, especially art of decorating wedding cakes.
but TWH found a trusted vendor to help her with the base cake.
The design and deco, will still be from TWH. i promise.

As for macarons, TWH ordered so many macarons available in Malaysia.
and only one is almost similllar to TWH's.
so, for order 1000pcs and above, TWH will sub that ONE vendor to do the extras.
no worries, colours and filling will still be from TWH idea and creation.

so that's how wedding planning works.
everyone in this wedding business must do so bila expanding.
if not tak menang tangan.

TWH juga di sub oleh beberapa vendors termasuk untuk corporate event brand international baru-baru ini. Alhamdulillah.
that's how it works....

I PROMISE, i won't lepas tangan.
IDEAS, DESIGNS, CREATIONS, will still be mine :)