TWH now provide items for candy buffet to those who wish to DIY candy buffet at home.
as u know, we only do candy buffet within Klang Valley area.
So this option is also best for b2b from negeri sembilan, melaka, johor, perak, etc...
You can purchase the items from us with a very resonable price.

1) let us know ur name, event date & contact number
2) let us know the theme colour (max 2 colours)
email to:

 **strictly cannot change or remove items, can only add**
**maximum 2 color combination, we will cater accordingly to ensure spread looks pretty**
**all high quality goods; no biskut timbang or warna cincai**

 30pcs of cupcakes with silver beads. Choose ONE colour.

30pcs of macarons. Choose ONE colour.

800gm of Choc Chip cookies.

 1kg of big fat white marshmallows.

1kg of Gullon biscuits (imported)

1kf of Hellema biscuits. choose ONE flavor.
(strawberry / choco/ coudble choc/ lemon/ vanilla)

600g sugared gummies. choose ONE colour.

600g chewy candies. choose ONE colour.