rezeki yang Allah bagi.
apapun, TWH minta maaf kalau ada email yang lambat reply dsb.
TWH bukan sahaja terpaksa memenuhi pemintaaan candy buffet.
malah untuk macarons and cookies juga.
plus, i'm working in the media industry which i deal with deadlines too. *phewww*

TWH is setting up wedding planning as part of our service.
Since i'm doing this all alone for 2 years, it's time for TWH to start giving trust to some talented vendors. yerp!
TWH will sub a few potential vendors untuk event yang besar.
but i guarantee vendor yang di sub memenuhi piawaian TWH.
shall you undesrtand, i can't be baking more than 1000 macarons alone.
i can't do wedding cake every weekend.
i can't afford to do packaging for 2000 favors every weekend.
but i promise, i will forever do the candy buffet MYSELF.

same goes to flower arrangement.
TWH has been working with a few talented creative fingers to make it happen.
the bigger the event, the more florists will help do :)
fundamental is, TWH design and determine how the flower arrangement will be.

Don't worry, afterall... TWH will be the main designer for each item ordered.
TWH lovesss baking cakes, especially art of decorating wedding cakes.
but TWH found a trusted vendor to help her with the base cake.
The design and deco, will still be from TWH. i promise.

As for macarons, TWH ordered so many macarons available in Malaysia.
and only one is almost similllar to TWH's.
so, for order 1000pcs and above, TWH will sub that ONE vendor to do the extras.
no worries, colours and filling will still be from TWH idea and creation.

so that's how wedding planning works.
everyone in this wedding business must do so bila expanding.
if not tak menang tangan.

TWH juga di sub oleh beberapa vendors termasuk untuk corporate event brand international baru-baru ini. Alhamdulillah.
that's how it works....

I PROMISE, i won't lepas tangan.
IDEAS, DESIGNS, CREATIONS, will still be mine :)

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