i'm so sorry for not updating the blog like forever.

alhamdulillah, sept/oct were/are being so nice to TWH. in September we did 3 dias, 2 hantaran and 4 candy buffet. alhamdulillah.

what's more exciting, one of our clients are the sweetest couple ever, an indian bride + chinese groom, they have a 1Malaysia family members, oh no...1World family actually. from chinese to indian to americans; be it white or black. they're so friendlyyyy. they commisioned us to do a candy buffet, favors and their wedding cake! thanks for believing in us!

....and this month of october, i have 2 events completed and another 2; upcoming week. also a sweet-friendly girl who chose TWH to actually do 5 candy buffets all together. just imagine! but i however felt bad ,TWH had to turn her down and can only do 2 buffets instead,since on oct 31st i have another commitment in Indonesia. but however, i'm, glad that she really appreciate my work; as she said --- TWH the candy buffet pioneer in Malaysia.

yes, i am glad. blessed and thankful. alhamdulillah.

do mail me for inquiries, we can set an appointment so i shall bring my portfolio along.

sorry that we do not publish our photos to avoid dealing with a few 'xerox' creature out there. no offense.

Have a wonderful day ahead love!
TWH signatureS!
TWH signature cookies (very very crispy!)
TWH french macarons (tip-top quality; shell shine, wonderful feet, crispy outside, chewy inside)
TWH signature cupcake (vanilla manilla w rose icing, custome colour per request)
Talk to us. Till then. Ta!!!
mail: theweddingheaven@yahoo.com

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