we're definitely famous with our adab & sopan santun.
a card for 2? but what if a card represents 10pax the day itself?? panic attack.
see, if we have 500 guests, and can't estimate who's coming n who's not.
the shy ones will say 'yes, i'll definitely come'---the fact that she/he/they can't come--- don't want to hurt the bride's & co who invited.
how to apply RSVP when it's killing you?

TWH coordinates event including RSVP! TWH can get 95% guests count accurate.

RSVP service
- make phone call to all guests in the list.
- confirm attend/decline
- confirm coming with partner or alone?-- tell them seats are limited if they wish to come more than 2pax.
- advise guests on time, dress code, etc.

contact us for the service. theweddingheaven@yahoo.com

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