presenting.....TWH fat-french-macarons!

do u feel sad when u found out the macarons sold at most of the shops in Klang valley is relatively small? fyi, ingredients to bake macarons are so so expensive, unless the seller so cheapskate and use merely flour, instead of almond powder.

most macarons maker in malaysia sell each at RM3. ya, at the size of '2ocents' coin.

dissapointing ain't it?

it is dissapointing when it's expensive--looking at the mini size...

it is dissapointing when u bite them-- smaller macarons are not that chewy in the middle...

so, why wait?
opt for out fat-french-macarons! :)

i only bake fat-french-macarons for family consumption...

since business is bussiness, i can't afford to bake fat-french-macarons for everyone! alone

until a few days back, i baked fat-french-macarons for my client who i can now call a friend.

since she is a returning client and she is sooooo sweet and nice.....

i gave her the fat-french-macarons!

and glad she likes it :0) hahaha tho it's understood that macarons are very very sweet

so i decided to share my fat macarons happiness with all of u!

if you're interested to order TWH fat-french-macarons, it is Rm3.50 each.

minimum order of 30pcs, RM105

(100pcs = RM320)

it's not expensive, '20cents' coin size at RM3. why not buy bigger macarons, just by adding another 50cents for each mac? :)

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