the princess' green candy buffet

the side munch

theweddingheaven food styling

ALL green -- macs, choc bites, custom cookies, cupcakes, leaves & flowers!

pretty ezlin
ezlin's beautiful home

macarons favors for kids
the wedding heaven choc chip cookies for adults (men)

fererro rocher nikah favors!

myself.... the proud owner of the wedding heaven :)

the biggest candy buffet i've done so far.
TWH was commisioned to do it for ezlin's home reception at Tar Villas.
she and her family hv a very pretty home.
not to mention, ezlin has a wonderful loving family...

her wedding was the most meriah i ever attended & worked with CB job.
she requested favors for her nikah, hundredsss of macarons favors for kids, hundredsss favors for men and...
a GIANT size candy buffet!
yerp it was a long spread!
with.... refills of 900pcs macarons, 900pcs cupcakes, 900pcs choc bites, fererro rocher, and a lot more! the kids (and kids' parents haha) enjoyed gathering around the table mainly to grab the macarons..... alahai untungnya her guests.
imagine, some people even hesitate to buy a box of 30pcs macarons.
but ezlin appreciates macarons so much that she wanted everyone to enjoy it without hesitation at her wedding!


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