Looking for best attire for ur family members, relatives, best friends, bridesmaids, maid of honor, or urself?

Custom your sheer kaftan top!

Wear it with sarong, long skirt or any pants, u'll definitely look good!
Jadi sesiapa nak tempah sheer kaftan top follow this simple step:

1) Size : choose - S / M / L
2) Colour : choose - just mail me sample of what color do u want, any color!
3) Make paymentRM50 to my account and RM6 poslaju for each piece
4) Delivery: U will receive ur sheer kaftan top within 7 working days!

**musim2 kenduri ni, sesuai la kaftan top ni untuk attend wedding, jadi bridesmaid ke, jadi pengapit ke, atau saja2 nak melaram ;)

(fabric: chiffon + workmanship: full stitch) 



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